Jace Seville (talk) 18:38, November 5, 2012 (UTC)

For those of you who are new to this site and have no idea who the chipmunk and chipettes are, I guess I could explain who they are and what their roles in the universe is. We'll start with Alvin.

Alvin's arrogance is the main cause for the character's constant misadventures and troubles. When Alvin sees how serious things become, Alvin is quick to take charge and correct his mistake and save everyone. While he gets himself and his friends and family into danger unintentionally, he sees the danger behind his actions and works to correct it, no matter what it takes. Though arrogant he'd lay his life on the line for the ones he cares about.Alvin is the leader and eldest of the Seville brothers. He's also the one to get himself and most others into trouble with his harebrained schemes. Alvin has summed up to be arrogant, selfish, and reckless. What's not said is that Alvin has a soft spot for his brothers (especially Theodore his youngest brother, who hopelessly follows him around like Tails follows Sonic around) and Brittany, the chipette who constantly evades his advances and who you'll always see Alvin arguing with the most.


Age (human/chipmunk)

16 years /13 years


Leader of the Chipmunks

Family Attitiude Problem

Preferred Genre(s)











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