As you guys know this is a fan music wiki. But that doesn't mean we can't have a little fan character fun every now and then. If you have a original charater (human or chipmunk) you'd like to tell me about, post it here. Here's my original character, Jace.

Jace is a genetically altered chipmunk designed to be Alvin, Simon, and Theodore's equal in every respect, but the experiment went wrong and instead of being a light amber, he turned black and light brown like you see in the picture to the right. The experiment scrambled his brain as well. He was supposed to be a killing machine that was supposed to kill the seville brothers, but n the end he became a part of their family after destroying the laboratory and went to the sevilles to wan them of an upcoming homicide that Ian had sparked. After Jace wiped out all of them, Dave decided that Jace needed somewhere to stay and Alvin, being the softy that he is, suggests that Jace should stay here. Jace accepted the invitation and promised everyone that he would protect them with all his life with the psychokenetic powers he was given.

Well that's Jace for you! Have any OCs of your own? Tell us at the wiki about it!

Till next time, Blue Oceans, folks, Blue Oceans!