Jace Seville (talk) 15:08, November 12, 2012 (UTC) Hey guys! Jace Seville here. I think I've informed you well enough about Alvin. Now I'm gonna inform you on Simon, Alvin's brother.

Simon is the 2nd eldest of the Seville triplets and the smartest of the trio. Though Simon is the smartest, he's not always the first to point out the obvious problems in Alvin's theories. In Simon's eyes, Alvin's schemes are better off in a book of epic fails as each plan, though well-thought out, lack a plan B in case things got out of hand. Simon tries to avoid getting into Alvin's schemes, but he ends up in them anyway.

Though he hates to

admit it, he enjoys being a part of them until Dave shows up. Another interesting fact about Simon is the he's the tallest even though he was born second. The reason behind this is still unclear. Simon is a bit cautious and shy, but it doesn't impair him from being the most responsible and well-liked of the trio because of his brains. He has had chance to make advances on Jeanette, the 2nd oldest chipettes. But , unlike Alvin, has succeeded in winning her affections.

So I guess that does it for the information on Simon. I hope you guys feel informed about who Simon is. Until next time!!

Role(s) 2nd Eldest Seville, Smartest Brother Preferred Genres Soft Rock, Hip-Hop, any song by Queen and Nirvana and Michael Buble
Interests Music, His Studies, His Brothers
Most Sought-After Counterpart Jeanette Miller