• hey bro taylor wanted me to let you know that he is keeping a eye for the darkmunks and the darkettes there has not been that much sighting of them since melvin got locked up it really shock taylor that melvin has not yet tried to break out of he's cell yet taylor says everytime he gose to the jail melvin is at that when he gose to melvin's cell that melvin is just sitting in the middle of his cell ( taylor thinks that melvin is trying to come up with a plan to break out ) oh i also finded out that taylor is our cousin well tell the chipettes and bros i said waz up

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    • bro um melvin break out of his cell he did not that much behind only a note that reads tell your bro jace that the fight that happen between me and him is far from over

      shadow lefted about a few minutes ago to see if he could find melvin

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